airborne oil leak and right-of-way threat detection you can act on

the data the pipeline industry needs to have

Flyscan delivers the value you’ve been expecting from your aerial visual inspection. We automate detection and report multiple potential threats that can affect your pipeline assets and everything that surrounds it.

We can detect small leaks efficiently and economically

We enable early detection of small leaks at every visual inspection, by adding a digital brain to the air patrol.

Patented ultraviolet laser that detects oil presence

why the industry needs Flyscan?

Avoid remediation costs

Proactively prevent environmental catastrophies

Simplify and automate compliance

We’re establishing a new standard with our unique technology

The World’s first accurate and sensitive airborne detector for small oil leaks

Our technology detects, validates, and reports potential threats that the human eye and brain cannot process consistently.

We acquire, process, store and report relevant information. You'll get geo-referenced information of interest.

Data collection is complex, with many human interventions, increasing probability of errors. We deliver the tool you’ve been looking for.

Presence of Petroleum Products

Vehicles or Infrastructure Threats

Land Slides risks or soil movements due to erosion or construction

Anomalies and Changes in Vegetation

Pipeline Exposure

Down or Missing Markers

Audit the past, plan the future.

the dashboard you've been looking for.

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