21 Nov, 2023

New branding: Flyscan is positioning itself as a leader in the North American energy sector


We’re proud to introduce our new brand that positions us as leaders in the aerial detection of leaks, threats, and geohazards for energy companies.

Our game-changing approach in the energy industry is simple: be the wingman to ensure the integrity of right-of-ways, no matter what.

“This project marks the beginning of myriad innovations within our company, and we felt the need to deploy a new brand image that was more closely aligned with what we hope to accomplish. With new partnerships and new technologies upon us, we’re extremely excited about the prospect of strengthening our added value for North American energy companies,” said Eric Bergeron, founder and CEO of Flyscan.

Stay tuned, our new visual identity will continue to be unveiled in the next few months throughout our communication tools.

Next stop: our new website!